Pinterest and how it can help your small business

I had a Pinterest Pinterest_Badge_Redaccount for a couple of years with a few pins, some boards and a couple of followers. It was for my own interest until one day, a client asked me to pin some ideas for a project we were working on as a way of getting our ideas in a central place. This made me realize that not only was Pinterest a good place to store ideas and images for myself, it was also a collaborative tool that could be used with others.

I started to use Pinterest more and more. I added pins from my artwork, related content such as photography and images from my business. One day I logged in to my account and a window popped up that said something like this – You seem to be using Pinterest for a business. Convert your account to Pinterest for Business by clicking here. I  realized there were a lot of other things that I could use Pinterest for and I did some research.

There are many, many businesses on Pinterest with advice for a price information on how to leverage it as a business tool. I found the best source for information was on their website – Here you will find how to convert your personal account or set up a business account. There is a lot of useful information and video content to get you up to speed fast.

Here is a list of the top things you can do to support your business using Pinterest:

  • Sign up for a business account and check out the business resources on Pinterest for Business Youtube Channel –
  • Use your targeted content keywords in your pin descriptions, board titles and profile. Make descriptions count and include as much detail as possible.
  • Use photographs, info-graphics and pictures that are unique to your business – no stock images!
  • Once you have a business account, you can use the analytics tool to see who is visiting your page and what pins are most popular. You can even see the top categories that your followers are interested in for driving your future content.
  • Start a CPC or Promoted Pins campaign that will drive more traffic to your pins and then on to your website.

20150713_205852 (2)The reviews are mixed on which Social Media network will pull ahead next. Is it going to be Instagram, Pinterest or something not even invented yet. You would need a crystal ball to make that prediction. One thing that the digital marketing experts do agree on is that images, photography and video are table stakes when it comes to online content. You need a mix of good content, engaging images and short video that tells the visitor something they are interested in. Pinterest is powerful tool and another option to showcase, profile and drive traffic to your website. Happy Pinning and follow Smash House on Pinterest!

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